Watzkeonline Redesign

As you can see, the site is currently in the middle of a redesign. The core part of the site will be a blog where updates to the Watzke Family’s astronomy adventures will be posted. The old site is no longer accessible from the main URL but below you can find links to the old astro site, bee keeping site and farm site. In the title bar above you can find the newest watzkeonline.com feature, a site gallery where new astronomy photos will be uploaded.

I’ve also added a Google Custom Search for the site to make it easier to help find things. Unfortunately, for the moment, Google has the old site cached. After some time, it should clear up and start caching this site. Tomorrow, I hope to have time to add a Google Sitemap Generator that will help Google cache this new site faster.

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  1. Larry Says:

    Congratulations. Last day of work!

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