PST Problems

For those of you that are not aware, there have been problems with the PST scopes. This affects the older models only. It has been determined that this is a manufacturing process problem. Meade has been very good at correcting this problem and doing a fantastic job of satisfying their customers. This was a problem that occurred before Meade took over Coronado. It seems that the filter had been attached to the front objective lens and the glue that was used causes the objective to get a moldy or rusty look to it. This is not dangerous to your eye, but can degrade the view. If you look at the front of your scope and you can see inside the tube you have the newer model and this problem will not occur. If you have a gold looking objective, this is the older model. This doesn’t mean you will have a problem. Only if you see a power or dusty look or mold look will it be a problem. Meade won’t fix it till this happens if it ever happens. This may never happen and only happens to a few scopes. My scope was one it affected. I called Meade and they gave me a return authorization. I sent in my scope and within a few weeks it was back home and works great. I really have to say Meade shines on their customer concerns.

If you have any questions please post a message to this blog and lets discuss.

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