Beths Observatory

Im very fortunate to have a wife that shares the same hobby as I do with astronomy. In fact my wife Beth not only has her own scope, but it is almost twice the size of mine. It is a 14.5 Night Sky Design Reflector. A very good friend of mine Jim Nadeau builds these very detailed and excellent crafted scopes. Checkout his site at

After my wife received her scope, she was wondering why I had an observatory and she didnt. Well I had no grounds for argument on that comment and knew what had to happen. It meant that I had to build another observatory, but this was going to have to be for her.

Because of the type of scope she has, I had to build an observatory with a little different design than I have. She had to have an observing deck, one you could walk around on and not shake the scope. She also had to also have a place to store the scope, but no sides on the deck to interfere with observing. After having thought about a design for a few weeks, we decided on a 16 x 16 deck with a 6 x 8 added deck for the scope building and protected area for her computer and table while observing.

Here is an overall step by step description, with some pictures on how I built her observatory.

First I started by squaring off 4x4 treated post on each corner of the deck. I cemented the post in the ground. Observatory FoundationThe post are not necessary, but this will make the deck solid and stable and ensures it cant move. I then placed cinder blocks that will hold the 2x6 floor joist and leveled them. If you look very close in the center of the deck, you will see the foundation I made that will hold the scope while observing that is cemented in the ground that will not touch the deck when completed. This ensures the scope a solid base so you can move on the deck and not vibrate the scope while observing.

Floor BaseNext I placed the four 2x6 joist on the outer frame and then the inner joist. As you can see I hadnt yet added my 6×8 deck yet. I waited till I completed my floor before I added this deck. This was for convinces only.

After I completed the deck, I added the building deck. Also note the scope in the middle of the deck. If you look close, it does not touch the deck. The concrete base sticks through the deck without touching it. As you can see from the next picture, I added a frame for the building for the scope.


I decided while building the scope house that I build a frame and put a Rubber Maid storage building into it. This works great and is just the perfect size.

Scope Building Frame Added to Deck Building Inserted Into Frame

The next two pictures show the building with the door open while the other picture shows how it is used to set up a table and computer while it protects the equipment from the weather while observing.


Building with Door Open Building with Table and Computer While Observing


Finally with everything complete, Beth is observing at night in her new observatory. Beth named her observatory after the Beehive M-44.

Observing The Heavens

If you have any questions, or would like more information on how I built the observatory please contact me and I will be glad to give you any information you need.