Titlebar: John's Observatory





What is a farm without a rooster? You have to have one that has beautiful tail feathers and crows loudly. Here is the king of the yard. Such a nice sound to here in the early morning and late evening. Usually when he crows you can hear the other roosters in the area answer him back. A much better sound than automobiles and horns.


You can't have a rooster without the hens. Its fun to watch the rooster protect the hens when danger threatens. He will strut around to show who's boss. The benefit of all of this is the reward you get when you check the nest. Eggs! Eggs! Eggs! With seven hens you get seven eggs. The funny part is we don't have time to eat eggs for breakfast. We only keep a few and give the rest away. My wife who is a teacher brings them to school and gives them to the others teachers. Everyone likes fresh yard eggs. The chickens bring out the country on the farm.