Titlebar: John's Observatory





I have two ponds on the property. This is a necessity to have when living the country. You don't have fire hydrants in the country. The fire trucks are pumping units and refill themselves from some type of water source, hence the ponds. Another reason was to help raise the property. Some areas were quite low and would have been impossible to buy that much fill. The pond in the front is about 75'x100' and 8' deep when dug. It has filled in some what over the years to about 4' at the present time.

The pond in the back is about 75'x125'. This is where I have my deck that I relax on when the weather is so beautiful. Late in the evening in the summer the bats come out and glide over the pond catching the bugs. What a great sight to see! Both ponds have catfish and bass. Some of the fish I caught were over 5 pounds. When the kids were growing up, they really had a fun time fishing these ponds. Both boys are now in college and still enjoy it when they are home. My dream come true.