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So finally now after my fourth scope in less than 4 years, I settled on the Meade LX200GPS. An 8 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain go-to scope. This is a very fine scope with many features. A computerized scope is nice to have, but not necessary. This is an amazing scope with over 125,000 programmed objects and GPS capabilities that you wouldn't beleive. After considering the ability of the scope for astrophotography and price, I decided this is the scope I needed to satisfy my needs. A 10 inch scope would be nice and maybe will be in my future plans. It's what we call aperture fever. You are always looking to get a bigger scope. The real problem with aperture is you have to move it. The bigger the scope the harder to move and the less likely you will use it. If you have the yard for it like I do, you build an observatory. Another expense always looms in the future. Just make sure you can control yourself. Remember, if it's too much of a hassle to move and setup, you will rarely want to use it. A good excuse for having a variety of scopes. It's a great hobby; just take it slow and learn as you go.

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