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Welcome to my beekeeping site. Beekeeping is a fun and exciting hobby. Not only is it a challenge to keep yourself from being stung, it also takes some commitment to keep your bees healthy. Raising bees today is more than just having a hive to rob when the honey is ready. As with any hobby learn as much as you can and take your time.

Bees play an important role in the life cycle. Bees pollinate the fields of crops for man to produce food. If bees were no longer around, man would have a difficult time raising enough food to survive. Some states where bees are not as plentiful, the farmers bring in 18 wheelers of beehives to help pollinate their fields. There are beekeepers who only raise bees to rent out the hives. These bees will travel by truck to the fields. For these beekeepers, the honey production is their secondary income.

So when you raise bees, you are playing a part in the cycle of life.

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