I have some special people I feel need to be recognize for their contribution to my web site and observatory.

I first have to thank John, my son, who made it possible for me to share my hobbies with everyone. Without his contribution to this web site, none of this would have been possible.

I have to thank my wife Beth for her patience, financial contribution and support in attaining my dreams. I know I have put her through some aggravating circumstances when deciding how and where to build my observatory.

Many thanks to my son Michael whose talents on top the roof keep me out of the dangerous areas. I would probably be laying on my back at this time

Thanks to Kim, my daughter-in-law, and Beth for helping with the proofreading. With my horrible spelling and John's bad spell checking skills, this site would be confusing if not for them.

Kudos go to Kevin who provided the back work when installing the siding.

Special thanks to two people, Larry and George, who provided me with the pipe and welding work for my permanent telescope mount.

My electrical hookup would have been a disaster if it were not for David's contribution.

Also many thanks to everyone that gave me ideas and helped me whenever I ask for guidance.

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